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Senet (Znt)
Ruleset: Bell


See the game Senet for more details.


Suggested Rules from R. C. Bell.


These rules were suggested by games researcher R. C. Bell.


Each player has ten pieces. The pieces begin placed on the board alternating between pieces of each player along the track on the first and second rows. Players throw the casting sticks and whoever rolls the higher score plays first. The first player throws the sticks again and moves a piece according to the number indicated by the throw. Pieces may move to an empty space or to a space containing the opponent's piece. When moving onto the same space as the opponent's piece, the opponent's piece is taken. A piece resting on a marked square cannot be captured. It also must move off the board with an exact throw. The player must vacate a marked square at the first possible throw. The player who removes the most pieces from the board wins.


Bell 1979: 27–28.

Other Rulesets

Reconstructed rulesets
Simple Senet Played on a board with no markings.
Simple Marked Senet Played on a board with basic markings.
Middle Kingdom Senet Played on a board common in Middle Kingdom Egypt.
Early New Kingdom Senet Played on a board common in earlier New Kingdom Egypt.
Late New Kingdom Senet Played on a board common in later New Kingdom Egypt.
Vertical Senet Played with a vertically-oriented board and different markings.
Double Senet Played on two boards placed next to each other.
Cypriot Senet Played on simple boards with seeds or stones in prehistoric Cyprus.



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