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Ruleset: Quendo


See the game Quendo for more details.


Rules played by Lunda-Quioco children.


These rules are played by children of the Lunda-Quioco people in Angola.


4x8 board, played only along the perimeter. One to four counters per hole. Any number of players, holes are distributed equally among the players. Sowing occurs in an anti-clockwise direction. Each player owns the holes in which their counters are located at the beginning of their turn, and they must sow from the leftmost hole. When a counter falls into a hole containing counters belonging to the opponent, this hole and the counters in it are captured by the player, but remain in place and in play. When a player has a single counter and empty holes in from of it, this counter leaps to the next hole occupied by the opponent. The player who captures all of the opponent's holes wins.


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Silva 1995: 106-109.

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