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Owasokotz (Wasokuts)
Ruleset: Owasokotz Pass


See the game Owasokotz for more details.


Players must pass the starting point to win.


These rules were played in the early twentieth century in Laguna, New Mexico.


Forty stones arranged in a circle, with a larger gap after every tenth stone. These gaps are known as doors. Any number of players, each player begins with one piece, which begins at the east door. Three sticks used as dice, black on one side, white on the other, with one stick notched on the white side. The throws are as follows: two black with one notched white side up = 15; three white sides up = 10; two black and one white, not notched = 3, two white and one black = 2, three black = 5. Throws of 10 and 15 grant the player another throw. Players may move in either direction around the circle. To win, the player must complete a circuit of the board and pass the east door.


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Culin 1907: 121-122.

Other Rulesets

Observed rulesets
Owasokotz Enter Players win by reaching the starting point, and send opponents back to start by landing on them.


New Mexico



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