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Ruleset: Kendall


See the game Mehen for more details.


Suggested by T. Kendall.


These rules were suggested by T. Kendall, which are largely influenced by the rules of L'ib el Merafib, which he believes is a modern-day descendant of Mehen.


6 spherical pieces and 6 lion or lioness pieces per player. Up to six players. Four throwing sticks as dice. Players enter their spherical pieces on the board with a throw of one. They then race to the center of the spiral. The central space must be reached with an exact throw. To leave the central space, the player must throw two ones. The player then races in the opposite direction to leave the board. When a piece leaves the board, that player introduces a lion piece, that player being the only one to introduce lion pieces. The player introduces more lions with each piece this player moves off the board. The lion races to the central spot, doubling the number of the throws. The lion attempts to capture the other player's pieces by landing on them.


Kendall 2007.

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