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Brandub (Brannumh, Brannaib, Brandubh)
Ruleset: Nielsen


See the game Brandub for more details.


Suggested by A. Nielsen.


These rules are those suggested by the website, based on what is known about the game and using the observed rules of Tablut, which is thoguht to be related.


7x7 board. One player plays as the king and four defenders, the other as eight attackers. The king begins in the center piece, with the defenders placed in the adjacent orthogonal squares. The attackers are placed two in each square extending in the orthogonal direction from the defenders' positions. Attackers move first. Pieces move any distance orthogonally. No piece may land on the central square. Only the king may enter the corner squares. A piece is captured when it is surrounded orthogonally on two sides by an opposing piece. Pieces may also be captured between the central square and an opponent or a corner square and the opponent. When in the central square, the king is captured by surrounding it on four orthogonal sides. When adjacent to the central square, the king is captured by surrounding it on the three other orthogonally adjacent sides. Otherwise, the king is captured as any other piece. The king wins by moving to a corner square. The attackers win by capturing the king.



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