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Akṣadyūta (Aksadyuta)
Ruleset: Syed


See the game Aksadyuta for more details.


Rules for Akṣadyūta as proposed by R. Syed.


These rules were proposed by R. Syed based on the Vedic text and account of Akṣadyūta in the Mahabharata.


There is a large number of akṣas (beans) in a container, divisible by five. One player grasps a random number of them, and throws them onto a mat. The beans grabbed by the player is a "grasp," and the kind of grasp determines the winner. The type of grasp is determined by the number of beans grabbed by the player. The grasps are: Krta: a multiple of four (e.g., 12); Kali: a multiple of four plus one (e.g., 13); Dvapara: A multiple of four plus two (e.g., 14); Treta: a multiple of four plus 3 (e.g., 15). Krta beats all others, Kali always loses, Treta beats Dvapara.


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Syed 2020: 224-228.

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