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Evidence for Vertical Senet

2 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.64
Type Artifact
Game Senet
Location 25°42'59.61"N, 32°39'20.65"E
Date 1190-01-01BCE - 1077-01-01BCE
Rules 3x10 board, markings in squares 26-30.
Content Senet graffiti on Temple of Khonsu roof. Vertical senet with markings in squares: 26: nfr, 27: (unclear) 28: |||, 29: ||. The top squares of board are curved, rather than arches appearing over them in typical vertical Senet. Board orientation is mirrored in comparison to usual. Piccione 1990: 439; Jacquet-Gordon 2003: 78.
Confidence 100
Spaces Outside

Id DLP.Evidence.136
Type Artifact
Game Senet
Location 25°44'24.59"N, 32°36'5.08"E
Date 1149-01-01BCE - 1139-12-31BCE
Rules Marked spaces are good.
Content Senet game on limestone fragment. Egyptian Museum Cairo CGC 25.183. Senet arranged with the long sides vertical, arcs over the three spaces at the top of the board. Squares are decorated as follows: 30: neferu, 28: neferu, 27: neferu, Pusch 1979: 361.
Confidence 100

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