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Evidence in Philip II

2 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1161
Type Contemporary rule description
Game Alquerque
Date 1674-01-01 - 1674-12-31
Rules Played on a board with lines. Pieces move along the lines. Captures are made by hopping over an opponent's piece. Multiple captures are allowed. If a player does not capture when possible, their piece is immediately captured by the opponent.
Content "Alquerque es un juego de piedrecitas sobre un tablero rayado, que haze diversos quadros, y por las rayas van moviendose, y quando hallan tercera casa vacia del cótrario, passan à ella, ganandole la piedra que estava en medio, que algunas vezes acace ser dos, y tres, y si pudiedo tomar, no lo haze, pierde la suya, y por termino propio se la solpan." Covarrubias 1674: 41.
Confidence 100
Social status Elite
Source Covarrubias, S. 1674. Tesoro de la Lengua Castellana, o Española. Madrid: Melchor Sancjez.

Id DLP.Evidence.2312
Type Contemporary text
Game Chess
Date 1561-01-01 - 1561-12-31
Rules Played on an 8x8 board with pieces with specialized moves: Pawns (8): can move one space forward; Rooks (2): can move any number of spaces orthogonally; Bishops (2): can move any number of spaces diagonally; Knight (2): moves in any direction, one space orthogonally with one space forward diagonally; Queens (1): can move any number of spaces orthogonally or diagonally; Kings (1): can move one space orthogonally or diagonally. Players capture pieces by moving onto a space occupied by an opponent's piece. Player wins when they capture the other player's king.
Content Ruy López' Libro de la Invencion liberal y Arte del juego del Axedrez, discussing Chess strategy in great detail. Murray 1913: 813-818.
Confidence 100
Ages Adult
Social status Elite
Genders Male
Source López, R. 1561. Libro de la Invencion liberal y Arte del juego del Axedrez. Alcala: Casa de Andres de Angulo., Murray, H. J. R. 1913. A History of Chess. London: Oxford University Press.

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