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Evidence for Bajii

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1764
Type Ethnography
Location Mongolia
Date 1988-01-01 - 1991-12-31
Rules Four 3x8 rectangles, arranged in a square. Four players. Eight fields are marked with a cross, which gives the player an extra throw. Some fields are marked with diagonal lines, and when a piece lands on them the piece is sent back to start. Pieces must be entered onto the board. The player who brings their pieces around the board to the point where it entered the board wins.
Content "Bajii. Four players or 4 teams of 2-3 participants each take part in the game. the board is made of two slats nailed crosswise. It can also be dawn on aa piece of paper or cloth. Each arm of the cross is divided with vertical lines into three parts and with horizontal lines into 8 squares. In some fields there are marks-for example a swastika, a cross, a square, or a triangle. These are the so-called safe places giving the player the right for an extra throw if he stops his pawn in this field. Other fields marked with a black circle or diagonal lines are considered to be dangerous. If a player stops his pawn here, he has to take it back to the start or depending on the contract, quits the game. The winner is the one who first brings his pawns to the starting point after having gone around the whole cross. In the case of a team play, the winner is the team whose pawns will first be brought to the starting point." Kabzińska-Stawarz 1991: 120-121.
Confidence 100
Source Kabzińska-Stawarz, I. 1991. Games of Mongolian Shepherds. Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences.

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