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Evidence for Dööv

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1752
Type Ethnography
Game Dööv
Location Mongolia
Date 1963-01-01 - 1966-12-31
Rules 8x8 board. Eight pieces per player, which begin on alternating squares in the first two rows on opposing sides of the board. Players alternate turns moving one of their pieces to an adjacent space. Pieces move diagonally forward only. A piece may capture one of the opponent's adjacent pieces by hopping over it to an empty adjacent space immediately on the opposite side of the opponent's piece. Multiple captures are not allowed. When a piece arrives at the opposite edge of the board from where it began, it is promoted and may move diagonally forward or backward. The player who captures all of the opponent's pieces wins.
Content "5. dööv (jeu de dames), VII, fig. 4. 2x8 pions sur un damier à 64 (8x8) cases. Les pions sont des figurines sculptées de chiens tachetees et de chiens noirs, ou bien, dans certaines variantes, de loups. Les règles sont les mêmes que celles des dame européennes à une seule différence près: on ne peut prendre qu'un seul pion ennemi à la fois." Popova 1974: 34, 36-37, Fig. VII.5, quoting quoting Namzildorz's Mongolyn Togloom.
Confidence 100
Source Popova, A. 1974. "Analyse formelle et classification des jeux de calculs mongole." Études mongoles 5: 1974: 7-60.

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