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Evidence for Forçado

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1688
Type Rules text
Game Forçado
Location Alfonso X
Date 1283-01-01 - 1283-12-31
Rules 8x8 board. The pieces move as follows, with the number per player: 1 x King: moves one space orthogonally or diagonally. 1 x Queen : One square diagonally. 2 x Rook: Any number of spaces orthogonally. 2 x Fil: Two squares diagonally, jumping over the first. Cannot capture another Pil. 2 x Knight: Moves orthogonally one space and then diagonally another space, jumping over any intervening pieces; 8 x Pawns: Moves one space forward orthogonally; one space forward diagonally to capture. No en passant. Pawns are promoted to Queen when reaching the eighth rank. No castling. When a piece can be captured, it must be. The most powerful piece must be captured, and the least powerful piece must make the capture if several are able to capture the same piece. Stalemate results in win for player causing it. The player who checkmates the king wins.
Content "And we wish next to tell of the game which they call forçado. And this is because even though it may be played according to each player’s will, in it there is also to be an element of force because a man goes against his will losing his best piece to his opponent’s worst, willing or not by putting it on a square where the other is forced to capture it, according to the movement of the piece against which it is put. And this game is arranged just the same as the first and the pieces move and capture each other in that same way except that there is in addition the forced capture. And therefore those that play it are to be knowledgeable so that they do not put their best pieces in a position where they are to give them up to lesser and more lowly pieces. Because in this lies all the wisdom of this game and its play. And because of this force which we described, they call it the forced game. But because some tell that the damsels first invented it overseas, they call it the juego de las donzellas." Golladay's translation of Alfonso X's Libro de los Juegos: 5.
Confidence 100
Ages Adult
Social status Elite
Genders Female
Source Golladay, S. M. n.d. Alfonso X’s Book of Games. Translated by Sonja Musser Golladay.

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