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Evidence for Maleys

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1622
Type Contemporary text
Location Holland 1805
Date 1805-01-01 - 1805-12-31
Rules 10x10 board. Twenty pieces per player, which begin in the four rows closest to the players. Pieces move diagonally forward one space. Pieces capture orthogonally or diagonally, when there is one empty pace between the piece and the opponent's piece, and an empty space immediately on the opposite side of the opponent's piece. Pieces are promoted to Queen when they reach the edge of the board opposite from where they start. Queens may capture orthogonally or diagonally in any direction. They may also move orthogonally or diagonally any distance. The player who captures all of the opponent's pieces wins.
Content "Two other games are played in Holland, likewise on the board with a hundred squares, and forty Men , one called the Maleys, Malayan, probably from its originating in some of the Dutch settlements in the East-Indies, although it appears to have been taken from the Babylonian game. The Pawns take straight on like the Chess-rook , and also Diagonally, in which last manner only they can move when not taking, but there must be an open square between the two Pawns as well as one behind the Pawn to be taken . Supposing nine Black Pawns to be placed on 26 , 7 , 4 , 25, 33, 23, 30, 44, and 38 , a White Pawn in 46 , might take them all successively in as many moves, going over them on the squares 16 , 2 , 5 , 35, 32, 19, 35, 49 and 32. If five Black were on 16, 44, 30 , 18 . and 8 , a White Queen would seize all ; placing herself on the squares 6, 50 , 20 , 17 and 3 . So that if a Black Queen be placed on 41, and three of her Men on 13, 22 , 38 ; and a White Queen on 37 , with three Pawns 19, 23, 28 , none of these can take each other, because there is no vacant square between them . The Queen at all times may move as she takes, from 46 to 6 , or to any of the three intermediate squares. The same from 46 to 50, or from 46 to 5 , or to any of the Eight on that line, & c. These situations are merely to exemplify the moves." Twiss 1805: 173-175.
Confidence 100
Ages Adult
Social status Elite
Genders Male
Source Twiss, R. 1805. Miscellanies in Two Volumes. London: Twiss.

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