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Evidence for Dubblets

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1563
Type Rules text
Location England
Date 1674-01-01 - 1674-12-31
Rules 2x12 board, divided in half, where the spaces are rendered as points. Fifteen pieces per player. Two six-sided dice. Play occurs only in two quadrants of the board, opposite one another, a player's pieces only leaving their quadrant to bear off. Two pieces are stacked each on the first three points, and three are stacked in the second three points. Players use throws to unstack pieces on their points, unstacking one piece per die which corresponds to that point. If a player cannot use the value of a die, the opponent uses it. Doubles allow the player to unstack or bear off a number of pieces equal to the total number of the throw. When all of the pieces are unstacked, that player may begin bearing their pieces off. The first player to bear off all their pieces wins.
Content "CHAP. XXIX. DVBBLETS. AT Dubblets the fifteen men are thus placed; upon sice, Cinque and Quater there are three men apiece, upon Trey, Deuce, Ace, but two a∣piece. He that throws most hath the bene∣fit of throwing first, and what he throws he lays down; and so doth the other what the one throws and hath not the other lays down for him to his own advantage; and thus they do till all the men are down, and then they bear, but not till they are down; he that is down first bears first, and will doubtlesly win the Game if the other throws not Dubblets to overtake him; now he that throws Dubblets apace is certain to win, for as many as the Dubblets are, so many he lays down, or bears; for example, if two fours, he lays down, or bears eight, and so for the other Dubblets; and therefore he that can either nap, top, or hath high runners about him hath a great advantage herein." Cotton 1674: 161-162.
Confidence 100
Source Cotton, C. 1674. The Compleat Gamester, or, Instructions How to play at Billiards, Trucks, Bowls, and Chess Together with all Manner of Usual and Most Gentile Games either on Cards or Die: to which is Added the Arts and Mysteries of Riding, Racing, Archery, and Cock-Fighting. London: R. Cutler.

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