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Evidence for Ofanfelling

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1558
Type Rules text
Location Iceland
Date 1905-01-01 - 1905-12-31
Rules 2x12 board, with spaces as points, divided in two. Twelve pieces per player, which start stacked, two per point in the quadrant to the player's right. Two six-sided dice. Players unstack the pieces by moving pieces off of the stack, but remaining on the same point, according to the throws of the dice. Doubles thus allow players to only move one piece, but still grant the player another turn. When all of a player's pieces are unstacked, they must be restacked, in the same way. When they have been successfully restacked, the player then bears off the pieces. The first player to bear off all their pieces wins.
Content "Ofanfelling or ofanfellingartafl. This game is played on a backgammon board, the players being two. Each one sets two men on every point in that division of the board which faces him at his right hand. One has the black men, and the other the white. First of all the dice are thrown to decide who shall play first. He who has the greatest number of points, at one throw, casts the dice again and moves the uppermost lying men on the points down beside the lower man, nearer the small end of the point, in accordance with the dice-points thrown. If he throw, for example, six and deuce, then he moves down the uppermost men on the six and deuce points. If he throw doublets, then he can only move down one man, but he has the right to another throw, even if he cast several doublets one after the other. The other player now throws,and proceeds in the same way, after which they take turns. If a dice-point turn up corresponding to a point on the board on which the upper man has already been moved down, then the throw does not count. When either or both players have brought down all their men, they then move them up again, that is place each again on the lower, or underlying man, that is to say where they were originally placed, moving, of course, in accordance with the throws of the dice. When all the men have been again doubled up, then they are thrown off, an operation which takes place exactly as at backgammon." Fiske 1905: 353.
Confidence 100
Source Fiske, W. 1905. Chess in Iceland and in Icelandic Literature with Historical Notes on other Table-Games. Florence: The Florentine Typographical Society.

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