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Evidence for Chu-Shogi

2 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1545
Type Contemporary text
Location Japan
Date 1444-01-01 - 1444-12-31
Rules Name of Game
Content Diary entry of Nakahara Yasutomi, stating he played Chu-Shogi on the 24th day of the sixth month of 1444. Tasutomi-ki p. 69, discussed in Koichi 2005a: 182.
Confidence 100
Source Yasutomi, N. 1400-1457. Yasutomi-ki., Koichi, M. 2004. "Shogi: Japan's Game of Generals." In C. Mackenzie and I. Finkel (eds.), Asian Games: the Art of Contest. New York, Asia Society, 181-185.

Id DLP.Evidence.2437
Type Artifact
Location Japan
Date 1834-01-01 - 1834-12-31
Rules Movement, placement, and promotion of all pieces.
Content Sho Shogi Zushiki, which contains diagram of initial piece placement, the movement and promotion rules for all of the pieces.
Confidence 100
Source Anonymous. n.d. Sho Shogi Zushiki. Unpublished Manuscript.

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