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Evidence for Merimüeng-rimüeng-do

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.781
Type Ethnography
Game Merimüeng-rimüeng-do
Location Aceh
Date 1906-01-01 - 1906-12-31
Rules One player plays as the tigers (five in number), the other as the sheep (fifteen in number). They take turns placing the pieces on the intersections of the lines. When all of the player's pieces are on the board, the piece may move to any adjacent intersection along the connecting lines. The tiger hops over a sheep to capture it. The goal of the tiger is to capture all of the sheep; the sheep try to prevent all of the tigers from moving.
Content "The game is played on the second figure here represented with 5 tigers and fifteen sheep. A tiger and a sheep are first placed on the board wherever the player likes. Fresh sheep are added one at a time after each move, so long as the supply lasts. The game ends either when all the sheep are killed, or the tigers hemmed in so as to be unable to move; hence it is called meurimuëng-rimuëng-dò' in contradistinction to the next game." Snouck-Hurgronje 1906: 204.
Confidence 100
Source Snouck Hurgronje, C. 1906. The Acehnese. trans. by A. W. S. O’Sullivan. Leiden: Brill.

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