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Evidence for Cercar La Liebre

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.759
Type Contemporary rule description
Location Alfonso X
Date 1221-01-01 - 1284-12-31
Rules One player is the rabbit, and the other player plays with twelve other pieces. They may also play with either ten or eleven pieces instead of twelve. The pieces move along the lines. The goal is to corner the rabbit so that it cannot move. The rabbit may hop over the other pieces to capture them. The rabbit wins by reducing the opponent to nine pieces.
Content From Alfonso X (1221-1283)'s Libro de los Juegos, with diagram of the board and opening position. Translation by Sonja Musser Golladay: "The game called corner the rabbit that is also played on the twelve man’s morris board. This is another game that is also played on the twelve man’s morris board and it is called the corner the rabbit game and it is played like this: they take one piece and place it in the centre of the board and they put twelve of the other colour in a troop formation, or eleven or ten according to the wager between the two who are to play it. And they play it like this: The single piece plays first and then the others, however many they are, go after him. And that single piece alone is safe from capture because they are not to remove but rather trap him in a space so that there is nowhere for him to go. And he captures as many of the others as he can by jumping over them. And once he has captured one of the others [if they begin with ten], they cannot trap him. But if there were twelve,by capturing one eleven remain, and they can carry him with them wherever thy want. They will do the same with ten if they know how to play it well. But if one of the ten is captured, the nine that remain can never trap him in any way, and therefore lose the game. And this is the explanation of this game and this is the diagram of the board and of the pieces."
Confidence 100
Source Golladay, S. M. n.d. Alfonso X’s Book of Games. Translated by Sonja Musser Golladay.

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