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Evidence for Mwambulula

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.738
Type Ethnography
Location Bemba
Date 1956-01-01 - 1956-12-31
Content "Bemba Tribe. Mwambulula. 4x8 holes. Two beans in each hole; the front rows are at once cleared to make a store. Plat is anti-clockwise. If a player lands in a full hole he may 'eat' his opponent's opposite file provided that the fron hole has beans. If he is unable to 'eat,' the contents of the hole are resown. The captured beans are re-entered, the sowing beginning at the hole from which the 'eating' move commenced. At any time during the game when your own beans are running short you may empty your store and add one bean to each of your holes."Chaplin 1956: 169.
Confidence 100
Source Chaplin, J. 1956. "A Note on Mancala Games in Northern Rhodesia." Man 56: 168-170.

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