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Evidence for Hasami Shogi

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.798
Type Contemporary rule description
Location Japan
Date 1951-01-01 - 1951-12-31
Rules Play begins with the pieces arranged in the last row of squares on opposite sides of the board. Pieces move as rooks in Chess. An opponent's piece is captured by surrounding it on two opposite sides by a player's piece. Play continues until all of one player's pieces are captured.
Content "4.1.6. Japan: Hasami-shogi. 'intercepting chess' (Prof. Tsuboi). Two persons play, each with nine men arranged on his first row of the Japanese chess board of 9x9 cells. The chess pawns (fu) are used as men; they have the move of the rook in chess, and capture by the interception method. Professor Tsuboi thought that it was a modern game, a simplification of the Japanese chess." Murray 1951: 54.
Confidence 100

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