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Evidence for Kotu Ellima

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.823
Type Ethnography
Location Sri Lanka
Date 1873-01-01 - 1873-12-31
Rules Alquerque board with four triangular appendages, which are bisected vertically and horizontally, captures by jumping, 24 pieces per player, played like draughts (English draughts?).
Content "Games, however, much on the same principle as draughts are not uncommon...the Kotu Ellime or "Taking of the Castles" may be considered the most elaborate...The "Taking of the Castles" is played exactly the same as draughts, each player taking on diagonal half of the board, which is a square with a reversed triangle in the middle of each side, and forty-nine intersections (see diagram B) in all. The counters are of different colors, generally coffee beans and Indian corn seeds. Each player lays down his twenty-four pieces, covering all the points and intersections with the exception of the middle one. The first move made into this point is a sacrifice, for the piece is immediately taken by his opponent, and so the game proceeds until one party is entirely checked or has all his pieces taken." Ludovisi 1873: 33–34). Parker 1909: 583 mentions its relationship to Perali Kotuwa. Murray 19-51: 68 describes an opening position which is not mentioned by Ludovisi.
Confidence 100

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