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Evidence for Buffa de Baldrac

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.1858
Type Rules text
Location Alfonso X
Date 1283-01-01 - 1283-12-31
Rules Played on a Tables board with sockets for the pieces instead of points. Fifteen pieces per player. Three six-sided dice. Players move according to the number on each die by moving one piece the value on one die, another piece the value on another die, and another piece the value on the final die, by moving one piece the value of two of the die subsequently, and a second piece the value of the remaining die, or one piece the value of each die subsequently. Pieces begin off the board. Players must enter all of their pieces onto one half of the board (on player entering in the quadrant to their right and the other player's entering into the quadrant on their left), according to the throws of the dice. Once a player has entered all of their pieces, they move through all of the quadrants of the board toward the quadrant where the opponent entered their pieces. A piece landing on a space with a single opponent's piece sends the opponent's piece back to start, and it must be reentered. once players enter all of their pieces into the final quadrant, they may bear off their pieces. They can do so by rolling a 6 to move from the sixth point, and so on down to 1. Throughout the game, a player must use the maximum number of moves presented by the dice. The first player to remove all of their pieces wins.
Content Golladay's translation from the Libro de los Juegos f.79: "This game they call the buffa de baldrac (common puff) There is another game that they call the buffa de baldrac and it is played with three dice. And the roll battle and he who wins the battle plays first. And both players are first to set up the pieces in the pair of tables on one half of the board, according to the rolls of the dice. And afterwards each one has places his pieces in the tables as we said, they bring them around according to the rolls of the dice, the one towards the other through all the tables of the board. And if they meet and they are found unprotected they can hit each other if the wish. And the piece that is hit is to return to the table where it was first placed. And in this way, the players bring their pieces towards each other until they pass each other to the other table of the board across from where they were first placed. And if they throw rolls on the dice that they cannot entirely taken, they take the largest number they can. And this game is played with three dice and both players are to hold their pieces in their hands and according to the rolls of the dice, thus place the pieces." Golladay n.d. f. 79
Confidence 100
Ages Adult
Social status Elite, Royalty
Genders Male
Source Golladay, S. M. n.d. Alfonso X’s Book of Games. Translated by Sonja Musser Golladay.

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