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Yeung Luk Sz' Kon Tseung Kwan (Yang Lo Su Can Çiang Kiun)
Ruleset: Yeung Luk Sz' Kon Tseung Kwan


See the game Yeung Luk Sz' Kon Tseung Kwan for more details.




Rules for Yeung Luk Sz' Kon Tseung Kwan.


These rules were reported fron Nanjing in 1694 by T. Hyde.


5x9 intersecting lines; with a triangle formed by lines drawn from the second and fourth line of one of the short sides of the rectangle, with the base and a line bisecting the base of the triangle. One player plays as the General, placed on the central space of the rectangle, and the other player plays as 26 Rebels, places on the intersections of the second, third, and fourth of the long lines. Pieces move one space orthogonally. The General may capture one of the Rebels by hopping over it to an empty space. The General wins by capturing all the Rebels. The Rebels win by blocking the General from moving.


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Hyde 1694: 214-216.

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