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Twelve Men's Morris (Qvarn, Dubbel-Qvarn)
Ruleset: With Diagonal


See the game Twelve Men's Morris for more details.




Suggested by the website Cyningstan.


These rules are suggested on the Cyningstan website, based on known rules for other similar games. It uses the larger merels board with diagonals, and allows a line or pieces along the diagonals to trigger a capture, which is not the case in most historically known rulesets.


Each player uses twelve pieces. Play begins with each player placing pieces on empty points. If they make three in a row along the lines, they can remove one of the opponent's pieces. They cannot remove an opponent's piece that is in a three in a row formation unless there are no other options. Once all pieces are place, players take turns moving pieces one spot to an adjacent point along the lines. If a player makes three in a row, an opponent's piece is removed as in the first phase of the game. Once a player is reduced to three pieces, that player may move to any open space on the board. The game is won when the opponent is reduced to two pieces.


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