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Tenjiku Shogi
Ruleset: Historical Information


See the game Tenjiku Shogi for more details.




Rules from DLP evidence.


Rules known for Tenjiku Shogi from the DLP evidence.


16x16 board. 156 pieces. Includes the same pieces as Sho Shogi, Chu Shogi, and Dai Shogi, with the addition of the following pieces: Great General: moves any distance orthogonally or diagonally, jumping over any intervening pieces; Vice General: moves one space orthogonally or any distance diagonally; Fire Demon: moves two spaces forward or backward; moves any distance left or right or diagonally, pieces in adjacent squares "perish by burning"; Rook General: moves any distance orthogonally, jumping over any intervening pieces; Bishop General: moves any distance diagonally, jumping over any intervening pieces; Lion Hawk: moves two spaces orthogonally and any distance diagonally; Water Buffalo: moves two spaces forward or backward or any distance left, right, or diagonally; Chariot Soldier: moves two spaces left or right and any distance forward or backward orthogonally or diagonally; Vertical Soldier: moves any distance orthogonally forward, two spaces left or right, or one step backward orthogonally; Side Soldier: moves any distance left or right orthogonally or two spaces left or right or one space backward; Dog: one space forward or one space backward diagonally; Multi General: moves any distance forward or backward diagonally; Heavenly Tetrarch: moves like the Chariot Soldier but not to adjacent squares; Free Eagle: moves like the Free King or Cat Sword twice. Tokin: promoted pawn. Pieces promote as follows: Knight to Side Soldier; Iron General to Vertical General; Side Soldier to Water Buffalo; Vertical Soldier to Chariot Soldier; Chariot Soldier to Heavenly Tetrarch; Horned Falcon to Bishop General; Soaring Eagle to Rook General; Bishop General to Vice General; Rook General to Great General; Water Buffalo to Fire Demon; Lion to Lion Hawk; Free King to Free Eagle.


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DLP evidence.

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