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Shantarad (Bub)
Ruleset: Shantarad


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Rules for Shantarad.


These rules were played in Sommaliland in the early twentieth century.


5x5 board. Players begin by placing their pieces two-by-two in places as they see fit, except for the central space. Once all the spaces except the central one are filled, the player who placed their pieces last moves a piece one space orthogonally to the empty space. Pieces are captured by surrounding them on either side by a player's own pieces. Multiple captures are allowed, and multiple pieces can be captured in a single move. A player may move their piece between two of the opponent's pieces without it resulting in a capture. Pieces in the central spot cannot be captured. If a player cannot move, the opponent must move so that the player can move on their next turn. The player to capture all of the opponent's pieces wins.


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Marin 1931: 505-506.

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