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Pente Grammai (Five Lines)
Ruleset: Locus Ludi Knock-Off Mode


See the game Pente Grammai for more details.


Ancient, Medieval


Rules for Pente Grammai made by the Locus Ludi Project.


These rules were reconstructed by the Locus Ludi Project, and involve rules where pieces can be knocked off the board.


Five pieces per player. One die. Pieces are moved onto the board according to the throws of the die. Pieces move in an anti-clockwise direction. A piece must be moved onto the board with a throw if possible. Only one piece may occupy a space, except on the "sacred line" which can hold any number of pieces of both players. When a piece lands on a space occupied by a piece belonging to the opponent, the opponent's piece is sent back to start. Pieces on the sacred line cannot be sent back to start. The first person to move all of their pieces onto the sacred line by an exact throw on the opponent's side of the board wins.


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Locus Ludi

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Locos Ludi Race Pente Grammai as a race game from the Locus Ludi project.



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