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Pachisi (Pachis, Pucheesee)
Ruleset: Pucheesee (Deccan, six cowries)


See the game Pachisi for more details.


Observed in the Deccan by G. Herklots.


Pucheesee was observed in the early 19th century by G. Herklots in the Deccan region of India. This version uses six cowrie shells as dice.


Four pieces per player. Play begins in the central row of each player's arm of the board. Values of the cowries are: 0=6, 1=10, 2=2, 3=3, 4=4, 5=25, 6=12. A roll of 25 adds an extra move of 1. This extra move can be assigned to any piece or allows the player to move a piece onto the board. Play proceeds in an anti-clockwise direction. Pieces on a space marked "x" are safe from being captured. Players throw dice until they receive a 2, 3, or 4, and then move. The value of an individual roll can only move one piece, but multiple pieces can be moved in turns with multiple rolls. If a player rolls the same number three times in a row, it does not count.


Herklots 1832:lviii-lix.

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Pucheesee (Deccan, seven cowries) Observed in the Deccan by G. Herklots.



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