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Mogul Putt'han (Mughal-Pathan)
Ruleset: Sixteen Pieces


See the game Mogul Putt'han for more details.


Described by J. Datta.


This ruleset was described by J. Datta in the early 20th century.


Game is played on an Alquerque board with 5x5 intersecting lines and with a triangular appendage on either side. Each player has sixteen pieces, which are placed on the intersections and move along the lines to the next open intersection. Players can hop opponents pieces to capture them. Multiple captures in one turn are allowed. A player wins when they capture all of the opponent's pieces or block them from being able to move.


Datta 1933: 168–169.

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Described rulesets
Nineteen Pieces Played with nineteen pieces.



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