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Len Cúa Kín Ngoa (Len Cua Kin Ngoa)
Ruleset: Len Cúa Kín Ngoa (Len Cua Kin Ngoa)


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Rules for Len Cúa Kín Ngoa.


These rules were played in early nineteenth century Thailand.


4x4 board. One player plays as four tigers, which begin the board placed in the four corner spaces. The other player plays as twelve oxen. The first move is made by placing one of the oxen on an empty space, followed by a move by the tiger closest to the ox. Players continue alternating moves, the oxen player placing an ox and the tiger player moving a tiger. When moving, pieces move to an empty adjacent spot orthogonally. Once all of the oxen are placed, the players alternate turns moving their pieces on the board. Pieces may capture another piece by hopping over an adjacent opponent's piece to an empty space immediately on the opposite side of it. Tigers capture orthogonally, oxen capture diagonally. Oxen may also capture a tiger by blocking it from being able to move. The oxen win by reducing the tigers to two.


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Low 1830: 379-380.

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