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La Dama
Ruleset: La Dama


See the game La Dama for more details.




Rules for La Dama.


Rules played in Puerto de la Cruz.


5x5 holes. Twelve pieces per player, which begin in the two rows closest to each player and in the two holes to the right of the central hole. The central hole remains empty.

Players alternate turns moving a piece to an empty adjacent hole sideways or forward diagonally or orthogonally. Unpromoted pieces cannot move or capture backwards. A player may capture an opponent's piece by hopping over it to an empty space immediately on the opposite side of it, in one of the allowed directions.

The huff rules applies: when a player does not make a capture that they should, the opponent removes the piece that should have captured.

When a piece reaches a corner space on the opposite side of the board from where it starts, it is promoted to Dama. The Dama can move and capture any distance orthogonally or diagonally, and may also move backwards.

The player who captures all of the opponent's pieces wins.


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Espinel Cejas and González García 1994: 130-132.

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