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Kpo (Poo)
Ruleset: Three players


See the game Kpo for more details.


Played with three players.


These rules were described by Prince Momolu Massaquoi of the Vei people to S. Culin.


Three players. One player owns the first two holes in both rows, another the middle two holes in both rows, the third the last two holes in both rows. Three counters in each hole. Captures are made from the next hole in the direction of the sowing when the last counter causes a hole to contain two or three counters. Sowing may also occur in any direction.


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Culin 1896: 603-604.

Other Rulesets

Described rulesets
Four players Played with four players.

Observed rulesets
Momolu Massaquoi Described by Prince Momolu Massaquoi.


West Africa



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