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Ruleset: Koro


See the game Koro for more details.


Rules for Koro.


These rules were played by the Dogon people of Madougou in Mali.


2x6 board. Four counters per hole. Each player's rightmost hole is their "hogon," from which they cannot sow, except they must when it reaches fourteen counters. Sowing occurs in an anti-clockwise direction. Sowing from a hole with a single counter is forbidden. When the older player has only single counters in their regular holes, they pass. When the younger player has only single counters in their regular holes, they sow from their hogon. When a player must sow from their hogon and the opponent's holes only contain single counters, the player picks these up and sows them along with the contents of the hogon. When one player only has single counters in their row, the opponent wins.


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Griaule 1938: 168-169.

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Five Holes Koro with five holes.
Six Holes Koro with six holes.





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