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Knossos Game
Ruleset: Hillbom


See the game Knossos Game for more details.


Rules suggested by Hillbom


These rules are a suggested reconstruction provided by N. Hillbom.


Each player begins at the end of one of the "wings" on the board. Two pieces per player. Moves are determined by the throw of two sticks with a rounded side and a flat side. Rolls are as follows: two round sides up= 1, one flat and one round =2, two flat sides =3, plus another throw. Players move their pieces the appropriate number of spaces onto the board. When a piece is in the central four spaces of the main part of the board, pieces may be taken. A piece is taken when the opponent lands on the same space as a piece, sending it back to the beginning. In these central four squares, the player may choose to proceed upward again either on the first or second space, but may not change direction again. A player may cross the "bridge" to the other four spaces by throwing a 3, always stopping on the first space after the bridge, regardless of whether thre . The player then may move to the space closest to them, if a roll allows, where they are safe, and then to the apex point of the board, where they may also be sent to start if the opponent lands there. From there, they must give an exact throw to exit the board. The first player to remove both of their pieces wins. The game is played again, and the first player to win three games is the winner.


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Hillbom 2011: 260-263.

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