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Kisolo (Cisolo)
Ruleset: Kisolo


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Observed by P. Townshend.


These rules were observed among the Luba, Lulua and Songye people by P. Townshend.


4x7 board. Play begins with three counters in each hole of the outer rows. Players pick up all of the counters in one hole and sow them anti-clockwise. Holes with single counters can be chosen for sowing. When the final counter is sown, the counters in the following hole are picked up and sowing continues with those counters. If this hole is empty, play ends. Captures are made from the player's inner row at the beginning of a turn or a subsequent sowing within a turn. Counters are captured when a player's inner row has occupied holes. Counters in the opponent's holes opposite a player's occupied holes are captured: either from both of the opponent's rows or only the inner row if the corresponding hole in the outer row is empty. If the inner row is empty but the outer row is occupied, there is no capture, and when both rows are occupied they both must be captured. Captures are also made on a subsequent sowing within a turn, in the same manner as above but from the hole the next sowing begins, i.e., the one following the hole in which the last seed of the previous sowing is made. Captured counters are placed in the player's outer row opposite the hole from which the capture was made. Game is won when the opponent's outer row is emptied.


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Townshend 1977a: 45-47.

Other Rulesets

Observed rulesets
Starting Position 1 Alternate starting position.
Starting Position 2 Alternate starting position.


Democratic Republic of Congo



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