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Kawasukuts (Ka-wá-su-kuts)
Ruleset: Kawasukuts


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Basic rules for Kawasukuts.


These rules were played by the Kawalka people in the late nineteenth century.


Forty stones, arranged in a circle, with larger gaps (doors) between the stones after every ten. The gaps between the stones are the playing spaces. Any number of players. One stick per player. Three sticks used as dice, one marked with two notches, one marked with three notches, the other marked with ten notches. The value of the throw is the number of notches which land face up. Players move their sticks around the board, beginning at one of the doors. Players may choose in which direction to proceed around the board. When a player lands on the same space as an opponent, the opponent's piece is sent back to the starting door. The first player to complete the circuit of the board wins.


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Culin 1898: 729-730.

Other Rulesets

Observed rulesets
Door Hazard Landing on a door sends the player back to start.


New Mexico



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