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Gioco dell'Orso
Ruleset: Gioco dell'Orso


See the game Gioco dell'Orso for more details.




Rules for the Gioco dell'Orso.


Two concentric circles, with four radii from the outer circle to in the center, dividing the circles into four equal parts. There are four arcs, each of which bisects a radius between where each radius intersects the circumference of each circle, the arc also intersecting with the outer circle's circumference. One player plays as a bear, which begins on the central point, the other as three hunters, which begin on any three points on the inner circle. The bear plays first. Players alternate turns moving a piece to an empty adjacent spot along the lines. When the bear is unable to move, the game ends and the players play again, switching sides. The player who lasts longest while playing as the bear wins.


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Depaulis and Gavazzi 1999: 47.

Other Rulesets

Suggested rulesets
Bear Wins One Round Played in one round and the bear can win.





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