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Gabata (Shoa I) (Uugg, Weg, Waladach)
Ruleset: Gabata 3


See the game Gabata (Shoa I) for more details.




Stylized opening move resulting in alternating holes with 8 and 0 counters.


These rules were played by Wasan Enqebaherey from central Ethiopia.


The game begins with a stylized move. One player takes all of the counters from the rightmost hole and places them in the next hole. This hole becomes that player's weg. The player then takes the counters from the next hole and places them all in the hole after it, continuing around the board until all holes have either eight or zero counters. The player then takes all of the counters from the final hole that have eight counters and sows them in the regular way.


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Pankhurst 1971: 177.

Other Rulesets

Observed rulesets
Gabata I Observed by R. Pankhurst.
Five holes 5 holes per row.
Seven holes Seven holes per row.



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