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Felli (Fich)
Ruleset: Bouhajbane


See the game Felli for more details.




Rules described by Moroccan players.


These rules were documented as played by Moroccan players in the 1980s.


Two triangles, joined at the apex, with a line running through the apices bisecting the bases of each triangle, and another line bisecting this line and the sides of the triangle in each triangle. Six pieces per player, which begin on the six points in the triangle closest to the player. The apex remains empty. Players alternate turns moving a piece to an empty adjacent spot on the board. A player may capture an opponent's piece by hopping over it to an empty space immediately on the opposite side of the opponent's piece, according to the lines on the board. When a player moves their piece to one of the corners of the opponent's triangle, the piece is promoted. The promoted piece can move any distance along the lines.


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Bouhajbane 1989: 29.

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