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Equi Game System
Ruleset: Equi


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Equi is a 2-player strategy game in the Equi game system.
It may be played:
-- on a hex grid using hexagonal Territory pieces or
-- on a square grid using square Territory pieces or
-- on a square plus diagonal grid using square Territory pieces.

It also uses Discs or counters as mobile pieces.

The goal is to maximize your score when the board is full.

Black starts by placing a black hex anywhere on the empty board, except for a corner. Turns then alternate.

A turn has two parts: first 'The Move', and then 'The Required Placement'.

The Move:
Only Discs may move.

A Disc may either:
- A) move one step to an empty adjacent space, or
- B) jump across a single piece belonging to either player onto the empty space directly behind it.
-- As soon as any piece is jumped, the jumped piece is converted into a friendly Territory piece.
-- Multiple consecutive jumps using the same piece are allowed, but no piece can be jumped more than once on the same turn.
-- If the active Disc lands next to any enemy pieces which it can jump, it must immediately jump one of them.

Forced Movement:
If at the beginning of the turn, any enemy pieces can be jumped, the turn must start by jumping one.
Otherwise, choosing to move a Disc is optional.

The Required Placement:
Placement is mandatory, may use either type, depending on location, (and is separate from the conversions due to jumping.)

The placement must be made to an empty space on the board (possibly the place that Disc moved from.)
The type of piece that gets placed depends on the number of pieces on the adjacent locations at the time of placement:
-- If there are no adjacent pieces, or if the number of adjacent pieces is the same for each player, then a Territory piece is placed.
-- Otherwise, a Disc must be placed there.

The game ends when neither player has placed a piece on their previous turn.
You score 1 point for each of your Territory pieces and deduct 3 points for each Disc.

On a board with an odd number of cells there are no ties.


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