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Cab e Quinal
Ruleset: Cab e Quinal


See the game Cab e Quinal for more details.


Rules for Cab e Quinal


These rules are described in Alfonso X's Libro de los Juegos.


2x12 board, divided in half. Spaces on each side take the form of semi-circular sockets, into which the pieces fit. Fifteen pieces per player. One player places all of their pieces on the sixth point of one of the quadrants of the board, and the other player places all of their pieces on the fifth point of the same quadrant. Three six-sided dice. Players move according to the number on each die by moving one piece the value on one die then another piece the value on the other die, or by moving one piece the value of one die and then the value of the other. Players move the pieces along the same track around the board, which ends on the quadrant on the other side of the board from the starting quadrant. When a piece is moved to a space occupied by a piece belonging to the opponent, the opponent's piece is sent back to the starting point. The first player to bear off all of their pieces from the board wins.


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Libro de los Juegos 77.

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Fixed Die The value of one die is fixed for every throw.





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