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Aw-li On-nam Ot-tjin (Ot-tjin, Play On-nam Fish, Fish)
Ruleset: Three Counters


See the game Aw-li On-nam Ot-tjin for more details.




Played with three counters per hole.


This is the most commonly played version of this game among the Penihing people in Borneo.


Play begins with each hole (except the large holes on the ends) holding 3 counters (usually seeds or stones), though 2 or 5 are also acceptable. A player picks up all of the counters in one of the holes on their side, depositing one in each consecutive hole in a counterclockwise manner. If the last counter is placed in a hole with one less than the original starting number of counters (thus making the number of counters equal to the starting number), the player "makes a fish" (ára ot-tjin) and captures the pieces in that hole. Sowing cannot begin from.a hole containing a single counter. Play continues until one player cannot play, at which point their opponent captures the remaining counters on the board. The player with the most captured counters wins. If both players have only single counters in their holes, they must play again.


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Lumholtz 1920: 435-437.

Other Rulesets

Observed rulesets
Two Counters Played with two counters per hole.
Four Counters Played with four counters per hole.
Five Counters Played with five counters per hole.



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