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58 Holes (Hounds and Jackals)
Ruleset: Carnarvon and Carter


See the game 58 Holes for more details.


Proposed by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter.


These rules were proposed by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter, based on the famous game with the palm tree from Thebes now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (26.7.1287a-k).


Five pieces per player. The goal is to reach hole thirty with all five of the player's pieces. Each player has either the left or the right track. Movement is decided by dice. If a piece lands on a space with a connecting line, the piece must move backward along that line, never forward. Holes 15 and 25 are special holes, which grant a second roll.


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Carnarvon and Carter 1912.

Other Rulesets

Incomplete rulesets
Parallel Connections Boards have lines which connect holes in the same track. do not connect tracks on the board
Unmarked Boards have no markings.
Marked Holes Certain holes are marked.
Crossover 1 Simple version with lines crossing between tracks.
Crossover 2 Crossover lines include the outer arc.
Crossover 3 Crossover board with more connections between the central lines and the outer arc.
Crossover 4 Most complex crossover board.
Labyrinth 58 holes with a "labyrinth" of extra holes around the goal.



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