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20 Squares (É Er-bé-et-ta, Iseb, Aseb, Game of Twenty, Twenty Squares, Room Four)
Ruleset: Double 20 Squares


See the game 20 Squares for more details.




Northern Africa, Western Asia


Played on a doubled 20 Squares board.


Two twenty squares boards connected via the long central track forming a dumbbell shape with 31 playing spaces. Spaces marked at squares 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 on each board.


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Future reconstruction.

Other Rulesets

Scholarly rulesets
Seleucid Proposed by Irving Finkel based on rules from Mesopotamia.

Incomplete rulesets
Simple 20 Squares Played on a board with no markings.
Marked 20 Squares Played on a board with certain marked squares.
20 Squares Liver Model Played on a board shaped to resemble a liver.

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