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20 Squares (É Er-bé-et-ta, Iseb, Aseb, Game of Twenty, Twenty Squares, Room Four)
Ruleset: 20 Squares Liver Model


See the game 20 Squares for more details.




Western Asia


Played on a board shaped to resemble a liver.


This board type is thought to have come from the game's use in divination, as the liver was used in such rituals.


Twenty Squares board with the central long track bent to one side.


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Future reconstruction.

Other Rulesets

Scholarly rulesets
Seleucid Proposed by Irving Finkel based on rules from Mesopotamia.

Incomplete rulesets
Simple 20 Squares Played on a board with no markings.
Marked 20 Squares Played on a board with certain marked squares.
Double 20 Squares Played on a doubled 20 Squares board.

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van Buren, E.D. 1937. A gaming-board from Tall Halaf. Iraq 4(1): 11–15.



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