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Entry in Table Games for author value Siegmund Wellisch

Id 724
Name Wellisch Chess
Description A 3-player chess variant played on a board made of hexagons invented by Siegmund Wellisch.
MainRuleset 852
LudiiRuleset 852
Reference For an overview, see Wikipedia. For details, see The Classified Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, by D. B. Pritchard (2nd edition, completed and edited by John Beasley, 2007).
DLPGame 0
PublicGame 1
knownAliases Wellisch's Chess
Author Siegmund Wellisch
Date 1912-00-00
ProprietaryGame 0
Credit Jay Coskey, with some small functions drawn from Chess.lud, by Eric Piette
EvidenceRange 0,5520
WishlistGame 0
HelpUs 0
ForceRulesetInLud 0
DisableWebApp 0

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