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Entry in Table Games for author value John Moore (II)

Id 518
Name NoGo
Description NoGo is a combinatorial game for two players: Black and White. It's played on the intersections (points) of an initially empty square or rectangular board. Board sizes bigger than 9x9 are not recommended. 6x7 boards have been used in some human matches. NoGo takes the Go concepts of group and liberty and uses them in the most minimalistic possible way. The resulting game, with no captures, no cycles and no scoring, is no rival for Go, but remains a fertile ground for tactical challenges in the Dots and Boxes style.
MainRuleset 580
LudiiRuleset 580
DLPGame 0
PublicGame 1
Author John Moore (II)
Date 2005-04-00
ProprietaryGame 0
Credit Eric Piette
BGGId 151419
EvidenceRange 0,5520
WishlistGame 0
HelpUs 0

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