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Category Experimental


Windflowers is a finite, 2-player, place-or-capture, connectivity game.
It is playable on a wide variety of grid and connectivity types.

Placement is to empty sites: Capture is by replacing an opponent's stone during placement if the opponent owns more of the surrounding stones. Passing is allowed, and the game ends upon consecutive passes. The board typically is full at this point, but there might be capture options still available that are disadvantageous to take.

Scoring is based on connectivity: The player with the fewer groups of stones wins. Ties are broken in favor of the owner of the largest non-tied group.

Other scoring options include: Option 2: The size of the largest group, possibly with bonus points for each separate group that belongs to Option 3:, yourself; or Option 4: your opponent.

Of special interest is the way in which the threat of capture encourages early piece placement out-of-contact with one's own stones preventing large solid groupings of stones, and how it may be safely deferred until later when the capture may have more impact. The actual number of captures in a game tend to be few and toward the end, and they play a disproportionate role in determining the winner.


Goal: Consolidate your own groups of stones, and divide your opponent's stones into as many different groups as possible.

The board starts empty.
Players take turns in alternation, starting with Dark. Passing is allowed. Consecutive passes end the game.

On a turn either:
1: Place a stone on an empty site, - or -
2: Replace an opponent's stone with your own, provided that the opponent has more stones surrounding it than you do.

At the end of the game, score one point for each opponent's group. In the case of a tie, one point is added for each stone in the largest of your groups that is not paired with a tied opponent's group of the same size.

Other scoring options are available.


Dale W. Walton

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