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Uturu Uturu Kaida DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Western Africa

Category Board, Race, Escape


Uturu Uturu Kaida is a simple race game played in Senegal. The board is made in the sand, and pieces of wood or iron are used as pieces. It is played with six or seven players, who race their horses to the end of the board.


The board is a rectilinear track with two rows, of any number. Six or seven players, seven are preferred. One piece per player. Two seashells, used as dice. The throws are as follows: two backs = 20; two hollow sides = 10, one of each = 0. The player to reach the end of the track wins.

Béart 1955: 430.



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Uturu Uturu Kaida.lud


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Béart, C. 1955. Jeux et jouets de l'ouest africain. Tome II. Dakar: IFAN.

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