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Experimental, Graph theory.


The SpanRups is a graph theory game that uses concepts of spanning tree, and spanning caterpillar tree. A spanning tree T of an undirected graph G is a subgraph that is a tree which includes all of the vertices of G. The spanning caterpillar tree C is a spanning tree in which all the vertices are within distance 1 from a central path.


Starting of the game, the player can select the goal of the puzzle, which can be spanning tree or caterpillar tree. This game has two versions: addition and deletion version. At the addition version, the board graph is initially uncoloured. Players take turns to colour an uncoloured edge by a common colour. After colouring some edges, if the player makes a spanning tree (or caterpillar tree), he wins. At the other version, the game starts with all the same coloured edges. At each turn, a player chooses to remove the colour of a coloured edge. After removing some coloured edges, if the player makes his desired tree (spanning or caterpillar tree), he wins.


Tahmina Begum

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