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Sik (Sig)DLP Game   

Period Modern

Region Northern Africa

Category Board, Race, Reach


Sik is a race game played in the Tidikelt region of Algeria by women and children. Played on a spiral board made in the sand, players race to the center and try not to be captured by the "Bankor."


Spiral board of any number of spaces, rendered as holes in the sand. The first space is a mound. Any number of players. One piece per player, and one piece, the "bankor," all of which begin on the first space on the outer ring of the spiral. Four sticks, with one green and one white side, used as dice. The throws are as follows: One white side up = 1; two white sides up = 0, or 8 when playing as the bankor; three white sides up = 3; four white sides up = 4; four green sides up = 6. A player must throw a 1 to begin moving their piece. Pieces proceed along the spiral toward the central spot. The first player to reach the spot allows the other players three turns, and then begins playing as the bankor. When the bankor overtakes another player's piece, it drags them with it. When the bankor reaches the penultimate spot, the players it is dragging with them loses.

Voinot 1909: 133-134.



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Béart 1955: 428-429.

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Béart, C. 1955. Jeux et jouets de l'ouest africain. Tome II. Dakar: IFAN.

Voinot, L. 1909. Le Tidikelt: étude sur la géographie, l'histoire, les moeurs du pays. Paris: Jacques Gandini.

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